Best Email Apps for iPad Pro

Best Email Apps for iPad Pro - iphone mail is great for sending emails on the go, but if you need something that's better suited to working in an office environment, we recommend using Apple Mail. It has all the features you'd expect from a full-featured desktop client, plus some extra ones that will come in handy when you're writing emails at home.

Best Email Apps for iPad Pro

Here's our list of the top five apps for Apple's new tablet.

If you're looking for a good email app for your iPad, here's our list of the best email apps for iOS 11.


There are three main options when it comes to email apps for the iPad Pro: Apple Mail, Gmail, and Mailbox. Each one has its own pros and cons, so we'll take a closer look at each one.


If you use an iPhone, then you probably already know what Spark is. It's a free email app that works with both iOS devices and Android phones. However, if you use an iPad Pro, then you might not realize that there are other options available.


While Spark is a good option for those who prefer Apple products, Google has some excellent apps for the iPad Pro. One of them is called Inbox by Gmail. This app allows users to access their emails through a clean interface. Users can also set up filters so that certain messages will automatically go into folders based on subject matter.

Inbox by Gmail

If you're looking for an alternative to Spark, check out Inbox by Gmail. It's one of the best email apps available for the iPad Pro.