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Flood insurance rate maps help homeowners understand the affordability of flood insurance.

Area rates are based on several factors such as topography and stream heights.

These factors affect how much it will cost to purchase and maintain a flood policy.

For example, it may be cheaper to buy a policy for a low-risk area with poor stream conditions rather than a high-risk area with good stream conditions.

Likewise, homeowners should understand that increasing stream height can have devastating consequences.

It is always best to mitigate against flooding rather than wait for an emergency to occur and then lose all of their possessions due to an expensive policy price increase.


Homes can be destroyed and personal property lost due to flooding’s unpredictability and harsh nature towards property’s integrity.

It is important to purchase flood insurance as soon as possible after a flood since waiting may cause serious problems with property damage and loss of income.

Waiting too long can lead to psychological disorders due to loss of property coupled with financial strain from repair costs and lost wages during repair time frames.

Flooding can also lead to health problems caused by mold growth in damp homes or other environmental hazards that have occurred as a result of flooding events in the past months or years (i).

Failing to purchase appropriate coverage increases financial stress, which can make mental disorders more likely due to ongoing expenses or lost income during repair time frames.

Flooding can force people out of their homes permanently if they don’t have sufficient coverage for this type of natural disaster event.

Understanding the affordability of your local flood rate information will help you determine if buying coverage makes sense for you or your community before another disaster happens at your home address.

Additionally, it’s important to purchase coverage as soon as possible since waiting can lead to serious problems with property damage and loss of income during repair time frames for many homeowners in America’s high-risk areas

Flood insurance is a form of insurance that protects homeowners from the financial consequences of flooding.

It is usually purchased after a flood occurs.

In the past, homeowners did not purchase flood insurance and suffered the consequences.

Insurance companies price their policies based on areas at risk of flooding.

This is called an area’s flood risk rate.

The higher the risk rate, the more expensive the policy will be.